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first I wanted to spit this paragraph in  two pieces, my work and my hobbies. But finally I came to the conclusion that I would write only about my hobbies. Especially about the hobby I’m doing for a living.

Programming. I’m not sure if it’s a hobby or an addiction, hard to tell. I received my first computer when I was ten. Because my father forbade me from playing computer games I began programming. I started from C because I didn’t know that every junior programmer should learn Pascal first. And because the first love is the deepest I still love every language that have C in name: C, C++ and, especially Objective-C. Due to this coincident I finally became a full-time iPhone programmer.

My other hobby is the cryptography. I wrote thesis on PKI and an article about the GSM cryptanalysis. I’m also interested in astronomy and photography.

Those are my hobbies. If you want to know something more, read my CV or contact me.


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